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About Amstar's Livestock Auction System Software Products,

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Key Features

  • Flexible plans to make it easier for you to purchase our software

  • True Windows-Based System running on Windows XP or Vista with Networking.

  • Animal Checkin Program supporting Multiple Species

  • Office Clerking

  • Buyer and Seller Trades in the Office Program

  • Customer Transfers and Office Resale Program

  • Flexible Commissions and Charges System

  • Seller, Hauling, Commission, and Miscellaneous Checks in the Office Program

  • Invoices including auto emailing and faxing copies

  • Sale Balance Reports

  • Reports Program for all Key Auction Reports

Optional Features

  • Ring Clerking with Digital Scale Interface (Using weigh before scales, ring scale and/or weigh after scales)

  • Selling, Sold, Penning & Information/Scoreboards

  • Penning Program

  • Commingling Program with Custom Ring Clerking

  • Grading Program with Custom Ring Clerking

  • Custom Clerking for Tack Sales

  • Management Reports utilizing colored Charts/Grafts supported by data

  • Custodial Account Balance Program

  • Seamless Integration with Amstar's RFID Tracking System

  • Branding including drawing, assigning and Reports (Brands are on invoice)

  • Local Messaging  - Message your co-workers at other computers

  • Remote Access Support and Updates

Other Amstar Programs

  • Dealer - Buying Station Program

  • Buyer program

  • Pure Bred Auction Program

  • Retail Program

  • Tack Program


Mr. & Mrs. Junker (The owners of Fairbury Livestock Company) were recently interviewed at their barn in Fairbury, Nebraska..   We asked Mrs. Junker how she was getting along with the software.  She has had the Amstar software for about 2 years.  

She said, "Great".   Then she volunteered "That the software is so easy to use that she can bring a new person in and within 20 min she can have them working on their own".   She added "That this was very important as she enters the data at the auction block and is not available for frequent questions".

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